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July Soundproofing Kit of the Month – VW Amarok

The second vehicle in part of our kit of the month blogs is the VW Amarok. It claimed Auto Expresses Pick up of the year award in 2013 and 2014 and although its price is slightly more than its competitors it offers car-like cab design inside at a high standard. With a choice of startline, trendline or highline owners can mix up there business use in the week with a fun to drive vehicle at the weekend.

This said there is still a large metal section behind the 2nd row of seats that lets hell of a lot of noise through as well as the powerful 2.0 diesel engine at the front.

These were the main areas of concern in a recent fitting we did for a customer. We installed a full 4×4 soundproofing kit for £311.00 incl VAT (Kit £210.00 plus factory fit £101) as shown in the following photos:-

VW Amarok passenger floor VW Amarok drivers front floor









NoiseKiller Sound Barrier was fit under the drivers and passenger side carpets.

VW Amarok under rear seatThis photo show’s the area under the rear seat. We fit a large piece of NoiseKiller Sound Barrier under the rear seats and under the rear foot well carpets.








VW Amarok rear bulkhead with lead sandwich
VW Amarok rear bulkhead before







We then installed a large section of NoiseKiller Lead sandwich onto the rear bulkhead (behind the rear seats). This was a large piece so we fit it in two pieces and added some foil tape on the joint.